About Vicky

Name: Vicky Fields Forero

Dance Specialties:

Salsa, West Coast Swing, Tango, Smooth Dancing, Choreography and teacher training

Dance Training:

Ballet 7 years

Jazz 10 years

Latin 10 years

Tango 10 years

Smooth 10 years

Professional Accomplishments:

7 yrs Performing Dance Arts

10 yr Performing & Teaching with Karen Lee Dance

Perform with Manuel Molina

Team Competition US Open

Teaching for 15 years Denver * Los Angeles


Email: vicky@vickyfieldsdance.com

Cell Phone: 720-233-9007

About Tony

Name: Tony Forero

Dance Specialties:

Salsa, West Coast Swing, Club Style Latin Dance

Dance Training:

4 years with Vicky Fields

Countries Visited:

Dominican Republic.




Email: tony@vickyfieldsdance.com

Cell Phone: 303-249-2031


Having just returned from Los Angeles where I was teaching for one the most popular and best trained studios (Let’s Dance LA) I am  happy to be back in Denver to share the newest, hottest moves and training from the new center of Salsa and West Coast Swing.

I have an eye for detail and can help to understand and break down the fundamentals as well and help you improve you body action, connection and foot I work. I can help transform your dancing from “just okay” to “Hot, hot, hot!”

Whether a beginner or experienced dancer, I am the teacher to transform your dancing!

Dancing and performing for 25 years and teaching for 15 years, Vicky Fields Forero has an extensive dance background in Jazz, Ballet and Ballroom dance.


Salsa, Mambo, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Danzon, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia

Swing, Lindy-Hop Swing, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing

Tango, Argentine Tango, Waltz and Foxtrot

My training has included some of the best dancers and teachers in the world.

My primary teachers were Gwen Bowen for jazz and ballet and Karen Lee for Salsa, Latin, West Coast Swing and smooth ballroom.

Other teachers include, Argentina Grand Master Carlos Gavito for Argentine Tango, Eddie Torres (NY) , Enio Cordoba (LA) and Felipe Polanco (Puerto Rico) for Salsa and The Legendary Frankie Manning for Lindy Hop Swing.

Vicky over the last 6 years has traveled to some of the most dynamic countries for Latin Dancing.

CUBA - Vicky studied with several professional performers in Cuba, the home of the Mambo, Bolero and Salsa.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The Merengue and Bachata come from here.

COLOMBIA - The hottest new style of Salsa, ultra fast, is coming from Colombia. The rhythm and speed of the Colombian dancers can’t be beat. That includes Tony!

Tony Forero has been dancing salsa for most of his life. From growing up in Colombia where salsa dancing is part of the culture, to Miami where Cuban Salsa is King, to Denver where all styles meet. Tony brings a wonderful, real feel to teaching Salsa, not to mention other ethnic dances like Cumbia and Vallenato.

Tony has always enjoyed many types of dance and music, using Miami Cuban rhythm to sexy L.A. moves mixed with those fast Colombian feet Tony’s Salsa can’t be beat.

After studying more technique and patterns with Vicky, Tony has very quickly become a wonderful partner and a great example for any man who wants to learn Salsa. Tony is now learning West Coast swing and will quickly be an advanced Swing dancer too!

Tony and Vicky together teach the group classes. Our philosophy is to combine the heart and soul of the music, Salsa or Swing or Tango with the great dance skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. We can help you create that wonderful, smooth, rhythmical, connected feel and look.

An Eye forDetail
The “Real”Feel
Dancing is Natural and Beautiful andWe Believe that the Entire World ShouldDance!
Vicky Fields Forero
Tony Forero

Ask anyone, Tony and I run THE MOST FUN CLASSES EVER!

I bring all the knowledge to the plate and Tony brings all the party!!

We give you all the things that you need to feel comfy at the dance club or at your next party!

Dancing is an art and a “social experience” We really help you have fun and enjoy your time dancing.

From group classes, private lessons to practice partys and nights out. We have it all!

Vicky Fields Forero
Tony Forero

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