First Hour Intro $35

1 Hour - $75

4 Hour Package - $280 - $70/hour

8 Hour Package -$480 - $60/hour

12 Hour Package - $600 - $50/hour

Book the 12 hour pack and get a Dance Nite Out




Merengue, Bachata


Jitterbug Swing

Lindy Hop

West Coast Swing

Argentine Tango



Night Club Two Step

One Step


Ask About your Introductory Private Lesson

Only $35

email to book it!

Private lessons are by appt. Contact me to check availablity!

Private lessons are a great way to “punch-up” your dancing.  Get more out of the time spent in class and practice by having spent even one hour with your private coach.  The experience and the feel that you can receive and understand is worth every penny.  I have taken many hours of private lessons with world class coaches to get me to where I am today.   The triple punch of group class, practical application and private instruction can’t be beat.

An initial lesson can include 45 minutes of dancing and a 10 minute evaluation on strengths and areas that need work.  We talk about rhythm, timing, balance, posture, variety, style, etc. and then talk about your goals and desires. 

At that point we talk about how long it will take to to achieve those goals and how we will get there. 

The cost for private lessons ranges from $70 to $45 per hour. The first hour is 1/2 price, $35 unless you book a 10 hour or 20 hour package, then your first lesson is FREE!

Private lessons are taught at Florida and Colorado Blvd, inside World of Dance. 

    The bottom line is to learn good dancing but most of all to have FUN!
Prepare for your Wedding or Special Event
Jeni & Jason
 Cody & Jennifer

First Hour Intro $35

1 Hour - $75

Survival Package - $280 - $70/hour

Basic Package - $480 - $60/hour

Premier Package - $600 - $50/hour

Survival Package - $280
Four private lesson hours. We can choreograph an entrance and some nice moves and an elegant ending.
 Basic Package - $480 
Eight private lesson hours just for your wedding dance.  A nice opening with a specific moves and patterns and a very groovy ending
 Premier Package - $600
Twelve private lesson hours just for your wedding dance. We can choreograph your dance to your music. A great opening with some groovy moves and patterns and a spectacular ending, with lots of time to rehearse and make it beautiful.
Max & Elizabeth

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