Salsa Nueva is our method of combining New York Smooth, Puerto Rican Rhythm & Colombian Speed to learn it faster, better & easier! Classic Salsa but updated!

Prepare for Your First Salsa Class Video!

Even before your first class  you need

to be ready Here’s what to do!

  1. 1)Listen to Salsa Music

  2. 2)Practice the leg action

  3. 3)Practice the 3 step patterns

What to wear!

  1. 1)Comfortable shoes BUT Smooth soles, not sticky 

  2. 2)Casual Clothes BUT not too casual, no sweats

  3. 3)Be clean, brushed, groomed and smell nice!

  4. 4)Be prepared to touch and be close to the opposite sex!!


This is Salsa Too!

Salsa Grapevines 1, 2 & 3

Intermediate Salsa Footwork

Intermediate Salsa Footwork too

Salsa was first known as Mambo. The beautiful Bolero rhythms from Cuba and Puerto Rico were transplanted to New York and mixed with jazz music and became the Mambo in the 1950’s. Think Ricky Ricardo and Lucy!! The Mambo fad died but the music stayed in the latin communities. It traveled to Mexico and Colombia. Then in the 1970’s the music made a resurrgence. Once again in New York the music became popular but this time they called it Salsa (Hot Sauce!!)

Since then the music and the dance has become popular througout the world. All of South America, Europe, Asia and all over North America.

What makes our teaching effective? What makes it Salsa Nueva?

We start with the Rhythm and Action not just steps.

To learn Salsa start with the action of your legs, knees and hips to match the music.  Your body naturally moves with the music. Learn how to move yourself with fast steps and turns. Then learn how to connect - to send and receive the signals for the turns and flowing moves. Then just have fun and Practice!!

Be prepared to commit at least 2 months as a beginner and 3-6 months as an intermediate  as it takes time to build a good dancer!


Beginning level has 2 sessions A & B. You can start with either one but take both and a couple of workshops before you advance to Intermediate.

Session A

Wk one - Intro and Ladies Right Turn

Wk two - Review and add Mens’ Right turn

Wk three - Review and add Cross Body Lead

Wk four - Put it all together and add variations

Session B

Wk one - Intro and Ladies Right Turn and Left turn

Wk two - Review and Shoulder Check

Wk three - Review and Inside turns

Wk four - Put it all together and add variations


At intermediate Level the classes are ongoing. We have 30 to 40 patterns that we teach over 6 months.

The First 15 minutes is Solo Dancing, warm-up, loosen-up and “get into the groove” with the music.

The next 45 minutes with review last weeks pattern then learn a new one with lots of time to practice.

Then when you go out to the club you’re ready to go!

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