Born in Dominican Republic but now danced all over the world!

Easier than Salsa but twice as Sexy!

Intermediate Bachata Footwork

Beginning Bachata Footwork

Bachata was born in Dominican Republic. The sexy island rhythms are inspired by the age old passtime. Men wanting to impress women and women wanting to have fun!

This dance is easier than Salsa but twice as Sexy!

Like the Argentine Tango the Bachata has a seedy past. The music was played in the streets of Santiago and Santo Domingo.The lyrics were vulgar  and the dance was condidered the same.  Then in the 1980’s the music was rediscovered and the lyrics were cleaned up and now is one of the most popular dances in clubs all over the world. 

Be prepared to commit at least 3-6 months to learning as it takes time to build a good dancer!

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