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Group classes are $45 per person for 4 weeks or $75 for an 8 week punch card.

If you have questions or would like to book a private lesson Email: vickydanzartz@gmail.com

Ask any of our students, Tony and I run 
Tony and I know how to integrate learning with fun! We have all the tools you need to enjoy dancing! 

We give you all the things that you need to feel comfy at the dance club or at your next party! Learning to dance in a NIGHT CLUB DOESN’T WORK!  We have a complete system from beginning to advanced. Learn in our studio.  Our classes are and hour and 15 not just one hour!  Get more for you money! 

Dancing is an art and a “social experience” We really help you have fun and enjoy your time dancing. ONE WEEKEND IS NOT ENOUGH to learn Salsa! It takes time to learn, process, practice and put it all together. 6 month commitment for a lifetime of fun!!

From group classes, private lessons, workshops to practice partys and nights out. 
We have it all!

Private lessons

and Group classes

are at 1485 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222

On the Backside of the shopping mall at Colo Blvd & Florida

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