Salsa Grapevines 1, 2 & 3

Intermediate Salsa Footwork

Intermediate Salsa Footwork too

Tony and I have SO MUCH FUN IN OUR CLASSES! I bring lots of technique to the plate and Tony brings all the party!!  We laugh, you learn, we dance!

Each class is an hour and a half for one punch! You can drop in to week one or week two for $15. But better to purchase a punch card. You only get punched when you are in class!

Intermediate Salsa Pattern

Advanced Salsa Pattern from


Salsa Nueva is our method of combining New York, Puerto Rican & Colombian styles of Salsa to learn it faster, better & easier!

Classic but updated!

We have a complete program, Beginning, Intermediate &  Advanced!  Technique workshops and Choreography classes

Beyond Beginner but not quite Intermediate?

Contact me to discuss what time to join us!

Review your basic patterns then stay for the Footwork drills of the Intermediate class!  Do this for a few weeks until you are ready to stay and learn the Int level patterns. OR Take the Saturday workshops to fill in any info you missed.

The Saturday workshops or private lessons are a key piece of how to move to the next level. 

Int/Adv Salsa - Fridays at 8pm-9pm (Contact me first! )

30+ moves you can learn at the Intermediate level.

20+ moves you can learn at the

Advanced  level.

Intermediate Salsa Pattern from

Tummy check

Tummy check w Flick

Rock & Roll

Sliding Doors

Right Hand Tunnel

Natural Top Swivels

Roll in- Roll out


Un equis

Besito wrist slip cape


Waiter Turn

Cross overs

CBL mans turn

Cuddle Roll Out

Natural Top Hook Turn

Cross Body Lead (CBL)

CBL w Ladies L turn

3 Turns Loop CBL

Coca Cola (Rotating CBL)

Drop Catch 1

Drop Catch 2

El Uno El Dos

El Tres

Continuous CBL


Besito Flick 


Turkish Towel

Welcome to


Dos Equis

Rock & Roll Sliding Doors

Natural Top outside turn

Tony #5

(CBL with Waiter turns)

Double turns Lady

Double turns Man


Tummy Check

Tummy Check w Flick

CoP Re-direct

R-R hammerlock

Tummy check w Flick

Right Hand Tunnel

Natural Top Swivels

Besito wrist slip cape

Titanic to Flick

Wrist Wrap/Frisbee

R-R Hammerlock to Copa